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The School Seal

With the Filipinization of all Chinese Schools, the old school seal, which was totally made in Chinese, had to be discarded and a modified seal was adopted.


The present school seal has a flower-like border. The lighthouse and the rays issuing from it are symbolic of the name of the school. The Chinese origin of the school is preserved in Chinese characters in the body of the lighthouse.


At the base of the lighthouse is the year 1937, which marks the formal establishment of the school by the union of the two basic schools. The year 1955 on the right background of the seal marks the issuance of FULL RECOGNITION of the elementary education and the establishment of the complete secondary school.


Towards its left is the school logo composed of the letters KHS which stands for KONG HUA SCHOOL, the approved official name of the school as recognized by the then Ministry of Education and Culture.


All official transactions in the name of the school are stamped with the school seal, which is also recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This seal has been used since 1976.



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