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Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Announcements, Grade School, Graduates and Alumni, High School | 0 comments

In Kong Hua’s 78th year, a new building will renew the face of the institution — the Science Centrum. The said building has been planned a few years back and will now come to life in the site of the school canteen, school chapel, Salamanca, and Tolosa. Not just that, the Centrum will house the Grade 11 students of Kong Hua for the school year 2016 – 2017 and eventually, the Grade 12 students in the year after.

This new addition to the campus has been planned with much deliberation and took the administration of Kong Hua a few years in order to perfect such infrastructure. The plan was initially introduced to the public in the year 2012 and has been anticipated by everyone ever since. From simple ideas to complex realities, the Centrum has started its construction in summer of 2015. Having this done, a lot of sacrifices has been made. These include the transferring of the canteen and chapel, the volleyball court space, and of course, the time and effort of our board of directors and administrators. But it is for a fact that all these sacrifices are done for the betterment of the student body and that the benefits of the Centrum will not compare to the sacrifices we have done.

As for its facilities, there will be a new audio visual room, classrooms, laboratories for both Computer, T.L.E., and Science classes, school chapel, music room, faculty office, and a cafeteria. These facilities will provide the students with state of the art apparatuses and a brand new environment perfect for learning and interacting. Also, a swimming pool is proposed and will be located in the rooftop in the future.

All of these are made possible to ensure that the Konghuanians’ learning experience in this institution will be more enriching, eye-opening, and transforming. With this coming building, we surely can’t wait to see how this building will improve the students’ lives.



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