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Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in High School, News and Events, Uncategorized | 0 comments

It is proven that Konghuanians are very talented, confident, and competent in the field of sports, music, and arts. Another proof happened last November 30, 2015. Kong Hua fruitfully celebrated its 78th Fountrams. The whole campus was filled with excitement for the various activities that surely brought the fire into the Konghuanian spirit. Speaking of spirit, one of the awaited competitions of Fountrams was “The Battle of the Bands”. These were the bands which played: Selcouth, Banda ni Kim, The Krispies, Sayote Band, and Free the Kings. They all got on stage with confidence and unity. All of the audience were up on their feet, shouting with thrill, cheering and even jumping with the bands on stage. “YOLO” seemed to be the motto for all the bands because they all showcased their amazing talents as though there was no more tomorrow. They all blew the audience away. They surely set the stage on fire; it was obvious that they gave their best though there were some technical problems.

The winning bands were the following:

1st Place – The Krispies

2nd Place – Sayote Band

3rd Place – Selcouth

The “Battle of the Bands” was but a wonderful venue wherein Konghuanians were able to proudly share their talents.

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