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High School Department Objectives

  1. To develop wholesome and integrated personalities that manifest the founders’ core values of love, fidelity, integrity and wisdom
  2. To promote a deep relationship with Christ, making His values the criteria for life choices and daily conduct
  3. To promote value and respect for the Filipino and Chinese socio-cultural heritage
  4. To strengthen love and appreciation for family
  5. To show the right use of freedom, sense of responsibility and initiative
  6. To develop students’ capacity for greater involvement and appreciation of the environment as responsible stewards of God’s creation
  7. To develop skills morally, interests and values in students to prepare them to become responsible and productive citizens and agents of transformation and nation-building in a competitive world by:
    1. providing awareness of self-reliance and service to others;
    2. providing meaningful programs that would promote aesthetic values and creativity;
    3. promoting habits of intellectual concentration, critical judgment and right use of responsibility.
  8. To encourage competencies necessary for college courses by:
    1. intensifying effective communication skills
    2. providing more programs that are geared towards critical thinking and analytical reasoning
    3. developing technologically advanced computer skills
    4. developing the skills, knowledge, and work ethics essential for making intelligent concrete decisions.
  9. To encourage self direction, commitment, generosity, and sacrifice for the sake of the common good
  10. To promote and attitude of service, compassion for the poor and fairness in dealing with others
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