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Rotary Youth City Council by Niña Moreno

Posted by on May 19, 2017 in Grade School, High School, News and Events, Senior High | 0 comments

The youth is the backbone of our nation. We have the power to change the future of the society with our unique talents and abilities. With the different programs offered by both public and private organizations in our city, today’s youth will surely be equipped with values and virtuous that will enable us to become agents of social transformation.


The Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro together with its goal to empower the youth, hosted another new generation forum last October 21, 2016 at the Rosario Pavilion. Schools from all over Cagayan de Oro participated in the said forum and were represented by one student leader.


Kong Hua school took part in this said forum and I was blessed enough to have been given the chance to represent our school with my Coach Mr. Allan Flores. The forum focused on drug proliferation amongst the youth. Right after the forum an election was held to choose the youth city officials who were to counterpart the city officials of Cagayan de oro and luckily I was elected as a councilor.


During the rotary youth official week, I had the chance to work with 26 other youth officials coming from both public and private schools, our officials were composed of a little mayor, little vice mayor, department heads and councilors.


As a youth city councilor and the ABC president I was given the chance to draft my own resolutions and host a session attended by the barangay councils of our city.


            The Resolution 2016-18 that I came up with focuses more on the renovation of the blocked pedestrian lanes that post possible danger to those who people with disability, children and passing vehicles.


In this recent experience that I had, I have come to realize that we all have the potential to become effective leaders, and if put in this position we should always remember that it is not about power. Influence others, but do not abuse the authority vested upon you and try to make more leaders not more follower.

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