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REV UP by Roselyn Raine Krystal Elorde

Posted by on May 19, 2017 in News and Events, Senior High | 0 comments

Last August 8, Kong Hua School opened its doors once again. The state of joy, anxiousness, and excitement were evidently painted on the students’ faces.


This school year is a milestone not only in every students’ life but also to the educators since there is something special and unique about this academic year—the Senior High School program is finally established in Kong Hua School.


Almost 100 Senior High School students enrolled in this institution that offers high-quality education. Old students can be seen around the campus, but there were also new students that came from other parts of the country. Some of them were timid because they haven’t yet adjusted with the new environment. It was a good thing that the leaders of the institution decided to spice up the first week of classes for the Senior High School community through the Rev Up program.


The Rev Up activity was just like the well-known ice-breaker called “Getting-To-Know-You activity”, but this one is on a higher level. Its main purpose was to introduce each and every student not only to their batch mates but also to their respective teachers. It was held at the Gym and was participated by Senior High School Students.


The students had so much fun participating in the different games such as minute to win it, quiz bee and the highlight of the event-Tableau.


Great camaraderie was apparent in every students’ actions, and the value of sportsmanship was fostered.  At the end of the day, the said activity was wrapped up very well, and it turned out that it was one of the occasions that played the role of making each and every student in the Senior High level willing to accept each other as batch mates for the whole academic year and as friends that will eventually spend time together in most days of the week.

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