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Ravens reign as champions

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Announcements, High School, News and Events | 0 comments

A sport is something that brings people together whether they are the athletes or not. It is where people bond together due to their respective interests. Kong Hua School in its 78th foundation day and intramurals displayed humble winners and cheerful losers.
There are four different teams that participate each year. For this school year, the grade 10 (regular) were known as The Midnight Ravens, the grade 10 (bridged) as The Tribe, the grade 9 as The Warriors, and the last but not the least, the grade 7 hailed as The Green Tigers. The different competitions include basketball, badminton, chess, football/soccer, sepak takraw, table tennis, and volleyball.
Both girls and boys played these different athletic competitions. The Midnight Ravens dominated volleyball, a complicated sport, since they won as champions in both male and female categories. The Warriors achieved first placers for football. Table tennis, another exciting sport because of its fast game play, was one of the highlights in the competition. Moreover, sepak takraw, a sport native to Southeast Asia was once again fiercely won by The Midnight Ravens. Chess, another sport which is a game of strategy and skillful thinking, was battled and won decisively by The Tribe. While the game of chess was going on, girls and boys also played different games. The Tribe won both the doubles for boys and girls and singles for girls while The Midnight Ravens snatched their overall place by winning singles for boys won badminton which was to be played by doubles and singles. Lastly, the most popular sport in most high schools was basketball. The first game between The Tribe and The Midnight Ravens was such a nail biter. Seconds before the time ran out, The Tribe began to catch up cutting it to a one-point lead but nevertheless, the MVP, Marion Angcao, turned the table for the game to close it with an 8-point lead. The Midnight Ravens were leading 10 points throughout the game. All these different sports were fairly and happily played by the Konghuanians during fountrams. Throughout all this, teamwork played its part.
Having all of these games developed the students’ friendship and sportsmanship. This was a venue for new beginnings and victories.

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