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Pre School Department Objectives

1. To inculcate in the child the founders core values of love, fidelity ,integrity and wisdom.
2. To form desirable attitudes and habits that are geared towards personal growth in independence and responsibility.
3. To cultivate the virtues of honesty, simplicity and generosity leading to sensitivity to the needs of others.
4. To promote the mastery of necessary knowledge and skills needed in the next level of basic education.
5. To discover and further develop the child’s potentials and capabilities through a variety of carefully selected and meaningful experiences in the context of his level and interest.
6. To form work habits of independence, neatness, orderliness and individual responsibility.
7. To instill good health habits and hygiene.
8. To instill aesthetic sense and creative expression, respect and appreciation for Filipino and Chinese cultures and tradition.
9. To promote growth in appreciation of God’s creation.
10. To encourage mastery of the basic concepts numbers, shapes, sizes, letters, sounds and vocabulary.
11. To teach the basic skills in reading and writing.
12. To promote the development of good control of small and big muscles and coordination of movements.
13. To encourage the development of the ability to observe, think, classify, plan, and make choices necessary to meet the challenges of the first grade.

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