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History of Kong Hua School


Cagayan de Oro City witnessed the opening of the first so-called Chinese schools for beginners during the early 30’s. There had been no records on file, and because pre World-War-II schools with a curriculum not approved by the then Department of Education did not have any permits, no definite date can be authoritatively set as to which of the two beginner schools for Chinese in Cagayan de Oro was established first. The fact stands, however, that the earliest schools existed simultaneously. Chung Hua which was established by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, conducted classes in the old Chinese Club on the present site of the Filipino-Chinese chamber of Commerce building on corner Tiano Brothers and Toribio Chavez Streets (formerly Mindanao and Filipino Streets). The other called Hua Chao was established by the late Mr. Ket Kai Lim and his associates on Gomez Street.

Upon the advice of the national leadership of the federation of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, the two schools for beginners were merged in 1937. The new school was named Kong Hua Chinese School, which offered only Chinese elementary courses.

After World War II, the school resumed operation on Gomez Street because the Old Chinese Club was destroyed. The wooden school building along Tiano Brothers Street was completed in 1947 where classes were conducted during the school year 1948-1949. Within this school year, no English classes were conducted in the school and students had to enroll in government recognized school for their English elementary education.

Realizing the need for an English elementary department, a permit was secured from the Bureau of Private Schools sometime in 1950. Recognition for the complete elementary course was issued in 1955. In this same year, the school opened the high school department for both English and Chinese with a permit from the Bureau of Private Schools. Recognition for the first two years of high school was issued in 1956. It must be noted that the name of the school was modified into Kong Hua Chinese High School with the opening of the High School department.  Complete recognition for High School was issued in 1960. Up to 1973, Kong Hua offered complete Chinese and English courses, although as a rule, graduates of the English High School had to stay for two more years to complete the senior years of the Chinese High School course. During that year, all Chinese schools had to be nationalized per P.D. 176, which resulted in the adoption of a common teaching of ONLY CHINESE LANGUAGE ARTS in the Chinese Department.

Pursuant to the same P.D. 176 the name of the school was permanently fixed as KONG HUA SCHOOL. The main concrete building was completed at the end of the school year 1977 – 1978, and occupied at the beginning of the school year 1978 – 1979. Enthusiasm for the support of the school rose and once more the Kong Hua School Alumni Association, through the officers contributed for the initial school facilities. The Kong Hua School Parents – Teachers Association (KHS – PTA) was also organized and had been very instrumental in the dispensation of school services.

The school year 1987 – 1988 marked a major turning point for Kong Hua School. Upon the invitation by the Board of Trustees, five Hijas de Jesus Sisters (F.I.) came to Kong Hua to become the new administrators. The change evoked mixed reactions from the many sectors of the Kong Hua community. However, after one year of administering Kong Hua, the sisters managed to gain favorable attitudes from the majority by making impressive changes and improvements to the school.

When the school celebrated its 70th year of foundation, the school has already built new structures, a modern preschool building, a big gymnasium, a pastoral formation center at Taytay, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, a big impressive auditorium, well-furnished libraries for grade school and high school, and a functional speech laboratory. The school now is administered by the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society.

The school now is undergoing a lot of improvement programs in all aspect for the benefit of all children entrusted their parents for their basic education. The school is pursuing the PAASCU accreditation to see to it that all the implemented developmental programs are geared towards excellence.

Kong Hua School looks forward to the future with hope and commitment to live its vision-mission, confident to give her contribution to society as a transformative agent of our country and people.


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