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Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Announcements, News and Events | 0 comments

Fountrams. It is the most awaited event of each school year for years. This year’s Fountrams was held last November 25, 2015 and officially ended on December 1, 2015. Part of this festive celebration is the Grade School Mass Dance. The presenters’ excitement and agitation could be felt in the atmosphere. Last November 30, 2015 was an exciting day for the grade school pupils. They owned the spotlight that day. They were given the opportunity to share their talents in dancing to their audience. Cardboard boats, grand head dresses, and majestic wings rushed around as the presenters prepared. It was very festive seeing them in their colorful and adorable costumes and props. They gave off an exhilarating vibe to everyone around them. Everyone was eager to see what our talented pupils prepared. The program was held in the KHS gymnasium. It was so occupied that some of the parents and spectators were seated below the stage. That didn’t stop anyone from watching their children perform.

The program started at about 8:30am, and it was led by Ms. Michelle Joy Labitad and Mr. Joseph Trajano. It was started off by an invocation led by the Terrific Three. The grade three pupils expressed their gratitude to the Almighty Father through their heartfelt and solemn dance. It was followed by the national anthem led by Ms. Melissa Macapelit and the opening remarks by Ms. Marichu Fiel, the grade school department head. Next up was the Grade Five Green Archers. The grade five pupils presented to the spectators a beautiful and meaningful dance about how God created the world in seven days. Their presentation gave the audience a clear picture of the story through their beauty and mystery of God’s creations. They made a reminder that everyone is responsible for God’s gifts to humankind and humans should take care and give importance to these gifts.

After that, the Mighty Two was next with their dance about aquaculture. It started with adorable fairies with their colorful wings and magical wands. Then, what came after were the different sea creatures that live in the oceans. The pupils portrayed the hardworking fishermen who provide food. Their presentation aimed to awaken awareness among Konghuanians on proper stewardship of natural resources especially of the bodies of water and aquaculture.

The fourth performers were the Fantastic Four with their presentation about agriculture. The presentation showed the patronage that they gave to Filipino farmers whose hardwork and patience are what feed the Filipino people. The props and actions showcased the Filipino culture. The performance could be likened to a mini festival ornamented with native head dresses that were made from “walis tambo”.

Next were the cute and charming Amazing Ones. They came with their military caps and striped socks. They caught the audience’s eye with their adorable moves and big smiles. They left people at awe with their performance. Even at an early age, everyone could already spot potential performers in the future. Their cuteness made the audience giggle in delight.

Last but not the least were the Sixers Hawks. Their presentation was heartfelt and meaningful. It was about saying goodbye to their life in grade school and their dream jobs in the future. Their introduction was dancing in their togas, enjoying and savoring their last Fountrams as grade school pupils. Each pupil had his or her own dream job. In their presentation, there were priests and nuns, seamen, businessmen and women, engineers, teachers, chefs, and doctors. The appearance of the Kong Hua School lighthouse ended their presentation. It just goes to show that after they graduate, they will bring the values that they learned to junior high school and continue spreading the light like the Konghuanians that they are.

For the finale, all pupils of the grade school department dominated the dance floor led by Ms. Michelle Joy Labitad. They all danced their heart out. The program not only entertained the spectators but it also brought pupils and their teachers together.

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