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FCCY Youth Camp by Roselyn Raine Elorde

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Announcements, High School, News and Events | 0 comments

Have you ever dreamed of being one of God’s instruments? Of course, right? We all want to go to heaven. But first, let us all remember that before we could enter in the Kingdom of God, we should be just like Him. But how?

Jesus Christ, our Saviour, was a son of a carpenter. He lived in simplicity. When he became a grown-up man, he started to preach. (Take note: Preaching is done with the heart, while teaching is with the mind.) He reached out to those who are in need and forgave those who asked for forgiveness. As many generations passed from the time of Jesus, a lot has changed. More religions arose and population also increased in number. But still, there is only one God. Because of this, more and more people have become atheist because they were not introduced to any of the religions. Now, as Catholic youth, we should be the one to reach out to those kinds of people.

The Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth Camp is an organization that stretches far outside the church. It covers a world-wide range of activities carried out by young people, in the name of the Catholic Church. One of its objectives is to invite young people to live out their faith and practice their leadership skills. Organizations that have these kinds of main objectives are essential for a community to function well because of their effects to the youth community.

Based on the interviews of those KongHuanians who joined in the camp for three days, there is a common thing with their remarks. All of them have felt that they have been closer to God. It felt like God was always with them, holding their hands and comforting them. They have never felt like that before. After their three-day camp, they have never felt so light and free. It felt like God touched them and remove all of their worries.

Joining youth organizations like the Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth camp can greatly affect the whole world positively, for the reason that it focuses to the development of an individual, with God as the center of his or her life. Because as we go back to the basics, God is our creator and we want to be with Him in His wondrous Kingdom of Heaven.

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