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Effortless Friendship Through An Acquaintance Party by Marey Reyes

Posted by on May 19, 2017 in Grade School, Graduates and Alumni, High School, News and Events, Senior High | 0 comments

Konghuanians celebrated a day of friendship and solidarity as they welcomed the new students in a once-in-a-school-year activity of getting to know each other.


“Friendship Go!” was this year’s theme for the Acquaintance Party 2016 held at the school’s Gymnasium on August 26, 2016. This event has been known as a yearly tradition for all Konghuanians. Students, as well as the SCC officers, put up their hearts and mind in preparing for this event. They did not fail the panel of judges, for they have created a wonderful party for everyone especially the new students.


The event begun with the opening remarks of Mr. Allan Flores, the student activities coordinator, who assured everyone a grand time which they won’t forget. It was followed with an intermission number by the group Mini Bits which earned waves of applause and hooting from the audience as they grooved on the dancefloor.


The fun continued as it was shortly followed by the most awaited part of the event-the Chant Competition. It was categorized into two groups; Category A was for the Junior High School Department and Category B for the Senior High School Department.


It was a fun event for everybody which showed the students’ talents through their teamwork. It was also another way of appreciating their own capabilities and a time to show to everybody what they can do and how they can spread the 4C’s through their class—Competence, Commitment, Compassion, and Culture.


The Students gave their all to give the judges a wonderful presentation. Dennisse Garces, the class president of 10 Justice, the winning class of the Chant Competition, shared their experience of how they made it to the top, “Through Determination,” she said, “Throughout our practices, we faced tons of obstacles such as small fights and exhaustions to the point where some of us were already losing hope on making our presentation satisfactory to everyone.  Yet, we found a way to lift everyone’s spirit by reminding ourselves that we can do this, that we have acquired the skills to make our chant amazing.” Although they were placed as winners, it did not stop the other competitors’ joy and excitement as it was shortly followed by the games which were prepared by the SCC officers.


Everybody did not hide their excitement as they shouted a cheer of encouragement to their class participants. It made the students stand on their feet with wider smiles etched on their faces. The games were intended to make the event livelier and for students to bond with each other.


In events like this, of course, food is never an exemption. After the fun and tiring part of the program, respective sections prepared their table for a small “salo-salo”. The gymnasium was filled with lively chitchats and joyous laughter from students as they shared their food with one another.


A good way to start a good friendship is through a blissful get-together—the Acquaintance Party made everyone let loose and simply have fun with the new members of the community.


The fun-packed event was undoubtedly another successful event by the SCC. It was indeed highly requested by a lot of students for it brings friendship and a start of a wonderful journey throughout the school year. We are looking forward to next year’s Acquaintance Party as Kong Hua again celebrates the essence of friendship and the welcoming of new members to its growing family.

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