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a. Book Lovers Club

soon.pngThe club seeks to develop the habit of reading books. It fosters the love of reading without fear of being tested afterwards. The club is purely for recreation, entertainment, relaxation, and information. The club provides activities that will improve the communication and listening skills of the members. It also offers opportunities to interact with one another in a positive manner and learn new things with fun.

b. Artists Club/Painters’ Circle

soon.pngThe club provides the members the basic skills in painting with the use of water color, oil paints, crayons, and pastel. The members will be given the right venue to express their emotions through their artworks and will have the opportunity to improve their drawing and painting skills. It also helps in promoting the aesthetic sense of the pupils and teaches them to appreciate the beauty of landscape, seascape, or still life paintings.

c. Fotografia

soon.pngThis is the club for students who have the passion for photography. The members learn the basics of photography through seminar-workshops and will be given opportunities to apply the concepts learned in the different activities in school. The members’ output will be showcased through picture exhibit to boost their confidence and talents in taking good pictures.

d. Dance Troupe

soon.pngThe members will be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance and enjoy the camaraderie of each other as they embark to learn more about dance. The club enhances the skills and talents of the pupils in dancing and builds self-confidence.

e. Power Speakers Club

soon.pngThe purpose of this club is to provide a mutually helpful and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and interpersonal skills which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

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