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DEBATE SOCIETY dedicates itself to the betterment of its members’ public speaking, analytical, logical, and debate skills. The organization is great for those who are interested in politics, communication, and law. The organization studies various activities from public speaking to poetic interpretation and parliamentary debate. It sharpens skills used to do everything to win arguments. Members may choose to participate in none, one, or multiple competitive events.

CULINARY ARTS gives emphasis on providing hands on learning experience for those who are interested in cooking. The members will be taught the basic kitchen safety, cooking and baking techniques, and will be given tips on how to prepare one’s favorite recipes. Members learn the more advanced skills through demonstrations and firsthand experience.

LIBRARY CLUB is for pupils who are enthusiastic in using the library and other library resources as well as to have fun and get work done in the library. The members will be acquainted to the school’s library and teach them how to use it properly. They will also learn bits of information about libraries, librarianship, and the Dewey Decimal system and practice choosing the correct area for books.

I CARE specializes in training students to help each other through empathy and decision making thus, specific applications are described, with particular attention to involving adolescents as peer counselors. Peer counseling is the heart of positive youth development. Trained youths serving in roles as mentor and friend can change the norms of the school and community.

YOUNG MENTORS aspires to assist other students to understand and study diverse academic topics/subjects. These Young Mentors should be competent enough to help out, calculate, inspire, and encourage the students to develop a study habit and study harder. A tutor’s major task is to help out students intellectually in either subject/s the learner are looking for enhancement.

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