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KHS Library Program


The Library Program aims to continuously support and assist in the curricular and instructional program of the school. This shall also provide the basic knowledge and skills needed in acquiring valuable information through the use of library resources and facilities.

Library Orientation

The Library personnel conducts orientation program for the faculty, staff and students especially to students during the whole month of June. At the end of the orientation, the teachers, staff and students are expected to:

  • get acquainted of the school library
  • familiarize the different sections of the library
  • be aware of the arrangement and classification of books in the library
  • develop proper library behavior and
  • develop the ability to read and follow library rules and regulations

Topic presentation during the orientation:

  • Importance of the library
  • Arrangement and classification of library books
  • Library resources and their importance
  • Library facilities for library users
  • Library rules and regulations
  • Library/Audiovisual loan out procedures

The Audiovisual Program aims to provide information on the educational and learning materials for instruction purposes both to teachers and students. This program aims to:

  • provide adequate and functional equipment to support instruction and services to the patrons.
  • train faculty and students in the use and proper care of the facilities.
  • assist students and teachers in the online access of information through internet.

Selection and Organization of Library Resources
The library materials are selected and acquired based on:

  • Philosophy and objectives of the school
  • Curricular needs
  • Recreational and cultural needs of students
  • Professional needs of the teachers
  • Other needs of the school community

The selection of print and non-print materials is cooperatively evaluated regularly among teachers, coordinators, administrators and librarians.

All print and non-prints are properly:

  • Recorded and accessioned
  • Stamped with ownership
  • Classified and cataloged according to Dewey Decimal Classification
  • Labeled
  • Carded
  • Shelved

Book Acquisition Program

The Acquisition of library materials is done regularly wherein selection procedure is participated by the teachers and administrators. Requisition forms are distributed for their request.

  • Requisition offers from book publishers, educational instructional companies are considered
  • Acquisitions through book fairs and book exhibits
  • Donations from alumni, friends and publishing companies
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