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Attendance, Punctuality and General Assembly


It is the policy of Kong Hua School to require that every pupil or student attends no less than 80% of the class days provided under the school calendar.

It is likewise the policy of Kong Hua School to hold a General Assembly every week.


The following guidelines on attendance and punctuality shall be observed:

a. A pupil or student who incurs an absence/s must present a letter of excuse from his/her parents/guardians to the Class Adviser upon returning or reporting to class;

b. A doctor’s certificate is needed for absences due to prolonged illness;

c. A pupil or student who has been absent for more than 20% of the total number of school days without valid or justifiable reasons shall be automatically dropped;

d. When a pupil or student is absent from class, he/she is responsible for all the matters taken up during his/her absence;

e. If a pupil or student has been absent during an examination day, his/her parents/guardians must bring a letter signed by the parents/guardian explaining the absence to the Class Adviser;

f. A pupil or student is considered late if he/she comes to school at 7:20 a.m. to his/her class five (5) minutes after the designated time;

g. A pupil or student who habitually comes late to school shall be asked to render community service. They will not be allowed to enter their classes unless they can present an Admission Slip signed by the Prefect of Student Affairs;

h. Three (3) consecutive tardy marks in the attendance record shall mean one (1) absence. Ten (10) unexcused tardiness shall place the pupil or student on probation list; and

i. Truancy or cutting of classes is a ground for disciplinary action. Pupils/Students who incurred absences are required to submit an excuse letter duly signed by their parents before they can be issued an Admit to Class Slip.

The following guidelines on general assembly shall be observed:

a. General Assemblies shall be held every week every Monday at 7:15 a.m. for the Grade School and High School;

b. At the sound of the bell, all pupils and students are expected to go to their respective class line inside the school gym;

c. Important announcements are also made at this time. Attendance of all pupils and students from Grade I to Grade VI and from Year I to Year IV is compulsory;

d. During the days when there is no general assembly, all pupils and students are expected to be in their respective classrooms at 7:15 a.m. to say the Morning Prayer and start the day’s work;

e. Full attention of all pupils and students is a must during the general assembly flag ceremony and times of prayer.

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